About us

At Jack and Jill Kindergarten the focus is on play-based learning. Our learning program caters to your child's individual needs and offers equipment and activities that are tailored to your child's stage of development.

Kindergarten will help your child become more aware of the world around them. It helps promote language development and social skills as well as intellectual, physical and emotional skills. Jack and Jill Kindergarten provides an opportunity for your child to develop a strong sense of self in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Kindergarten is supported and run by a dedicated parent committee. We work in conjunction with Bayside Council.

Our dedicated team of Early Childhood Educators

Jodie Toms

Senior Group Educator, Director and Nominated Supervisor

My teaching is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Philosophy. It is a philosophy where educators, parents and children work closely together to ensure the best outcome for each child. Respect for self and others, value and self worth are encouraged with emphasis on what a child thinks, says and feels. I believe children to be innately capable and resourceful. Therefore providing an educational play based program that reflects each child's interests, challenges their skills and promotes social interactions and independence will give each child the opportunity to develop skills for life and a love of learning. I feel privileged to be a member of our Jack and Jill Community and appreciate the opportunity to share in children's investigations, discoveries and learning, ensuring they have a positive start to their educational journey.

Elana Rigney

Senior and Junior Group Co-Educator and Wombats Educator

I believe that children learn through all experiences, and that kindergarten is an important part of children's lives. Kinder presents opportunities for social play, co-operation and acceptance of others. I love seeing the progression the children make in these areas as they grow and develop the confidence to help them in the next stage of their journey. I have a special bond with Jack and Jill Kindergarten, having attended the kinder in my own childhood. I am excited to be part of the wonderful team that is educating your child.

Suzy Williams

Senior Group Co-Educator and Wombats Lunch Relief

I believe each child has a unique way of communicating, original imagination and natural curiosity. My intention is that each child's potential is nurtured and cultivated through reflective practice and inquiry. I believe children learn in many different ways. My aim is to create an atmosphere that is richly infused with learning opportunities, exploration and encouragement. My intention is to cultivate authentic, collaborative connections between children, families, educators and our community.

Cathy Phillips

Junior Educator and Wombats Leader

My philosophy embraces childhood as a distinctive and important time. My priority is to ensure that each child feels safe, secure and supported, fostering a sense of belonging and the opportunity to flourish. I value children as unique individuals who are powerful contributors to their own learning as well as the learning encounters experienced within a group. I believe in the competencies and potential of each child, and embrace children’s curiosity, sense of wonder and joy, valuing the many ‘languages' children possess to express their inquires, discoveries and learning. I welcome the rare opportunity to join the wonderful team at Jack and Jill Kindergarten and look forward to engaging in positive partnerships with the families of Jack and Jill Kindergarten.

Denise Bachelor

Educational Leader

I believe that all children deserve to be fully included in their kindergarten program, in a way that recognises their individual skills and interests. At kindergarten this is achieved through educators planning & providing a play based program that evolves from observation of each child, and the group as a whole. The most important aspect of your child’s kindergarten experience are the educators who nurture and support each child and family. My role as Educational Leader is to support the wonderful educators of Jack and Jill Kindergarten, and I feel very privileged to work with such a knowledgeable and skilled team.